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Surprisingly enough, people sometimes get this wild idea they would like to come and visit us. We’ve actually had a few of our Internet listeners fly up here just to attend a service with us. But they complained that our address and service time are not posted on this web site. In our defense, we weren’t sure anyone would want to withstand the ridicule we’re known to dish out. After all, our moto is, “Chasing away the visitors every Sunday, no matter what.” And people come anyway? We don’t get it. So here’s our service time and location for those of you who are brave enough and weird enough to want to attend.

Note: Please call before you come. Sometimes we shut down on Sunday’s when we know we can’t compete; like the Alaska State Fair and Super Bowl (Ba’al) Sunday.

We currently meet at:
New Grace Christian Church
10821 Totem Road
Anchorage, AK 99516

Our service time is:
3:30 Sunday afternoon
With a free buffet afterward

Cliffside is entirely run by volunteers. We welcome your calls and emails. If we don’t pick up, please feel free to leave a voice mail and we will ensure someone calls you back.  We also respond well to email.

Main telephone number:   907-345-9980

Visitor Information: 907-345-9980

Volunteer information:  907-345-9980

Email address: