Cliffside Vision


An Internet Church Worth Building

Cliffside Community Chapel has brought you the smart and courageous Bible teaching you have been searching for. Deep teaching that always proclaims that Jesus Christ is Never Not God, and a virtual Lightning Rod for all people who want solid, in depth answers to serious questions.

Now it is time to take pastor Chronister’s teaching to a whole new level. Let’s build an online teaching ministry you can be proud of and actually participate in.

The 3 phase objective:

  • Video Lectures with White Board – Side by Side, Live Streaming and Recorded
  • Recording Studio Church – Where you can Watch Live and Participate* in the Lectures and Q&A Sessions
  • Launch a Live Video Church – Where You can be “In The Room” on Live Video Screen With Us

We would be honored to have you with us, and this is our proposal to make that happen. And yes, temporarily, we will need your support to make this a reality. Bold initiatives require bold people. Let’s do this.

*See Supper Dave’s article below for details.

An Internet Audience Worth Having
By Supper Dave

Let me first say, it’s an absolute joy to have all of you learning from our pastor. You should see him when he talks about you. And soon… you’ll be able to.

The Modern Day Circuit Ridin’ Preacher

This is about having a circuit ridin’ preacher with the Internet as the horse and carriage that brings him to you. The wonderful part for us at Cliffside is that we will soon have the added benefit of including you in our services. Pastor Chronister is especially excited about this and he talks about how fantastic it will be. Think about it. We have come to realize that you are among the brightest, the most intelligent and Biblically literate, not to mention the best looking people in the entire Christian world today. Okay, maybe you’re not all those things, but we do know that you’re at least as weird as we are (if not more so). We know this because many of you have gone to great lengths to prove yourselves to be as weird as we are. And what an honor it would be to have you there with us … Alright, with that said, let’s get to some of the particulars, shall we.

Come And Sit With Us? Yes!

We want to bring you a church where anyone, anywhere in the world, can sit in front of their computer screen, tablet, iPad or smart phone, and feel like they are actually involved in a church service. And what better church service is there to be involved in. This is already a place unlike anything out there in the depth and scope of studying Scripture. So let’s actually put you on a screen in our studio audience, with a camera that faces pastor, just as though you were there in one of the seats next to us. You’ll be given a choice of places to sit. Either a front row seat, or a front row balcony seat, so there won’t be any distractions in front of you (besides pastor). And if pastor Chronister or a guest speaker looks at you on your screen, from your point of view (and his), he will actually be looking at you as though you were sitting right there.

Internet Church Membership? Why not!

Some of you have told us that Cliffside is your only church. We are sadden and excited by that simultaneously. But most of you already have a good church home and Cliffside is just an extra teaching source that you have found to be of value. I say this because one of the ideas we have for you is that you be allowed to actually join this church if you feel the Lord is leading you to do so. And no, Internet membership at Cliffside will not require a certain amount of giving. Nor do we want you to leave your church to join ours. It’s an “Internet membership”, so you can keep your local church membership. If you like your church, you can keep your church, and we won’t charge you an annual fee if you don’t sign up. But seriously… Instead, Internet membership will require meeting a list of doctrinal beliefs, just like we do here locally. This is important because at Cliffside, Internet membership has its privileges. Internet members are the only ones who will be allowed to *“Participate” in our church services. Visitors and regular attenders are welcome to attend, but as a member, just like us, you will be given the chance to virtually raise your hand and talk with pastor Chronister during the lecture. Not only that, members will be allowed to view the pre-game show, and they will be able to *participate in the post lecture question and answer time as the buffet starts. The only real problem with this format is you won’t be able to taste Matt’s brisket or Bill and Bonnie’s fresh baked salmon (but believe me, it would be worth the airfare just for that alone). And once we get into our new Recording Studio Church we should have enough seating for small groups of you to come up for a visit.

Visiting Bible Scholars: Live And Virtual

And, on the topic of visiting, we have brought up such great Bible scholars as Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum to lecture and teach us. It has happened before… It will happen again. And with our new Internet Recording Studio Church we can do it by video conference or by actual appearance. Pastor and I just recently talked about bringing up Dr. Jonathan Sarfati in the near future. And we want to do the same with the few authors and teachers that Pastor Chronister respects. Well, the ones who are still alive anyway.

How You Can Be Important

Okay. The statement above says, “Let’s do this.” Do what? There are certain things that need to be in place along a time-line in order to make each phase of this happen. Cliffside is going to put up a temporary crowd funding website so that anyone, and all of you, can support this Cliffside initiative. And coming soon on this site, under the “Let’s Do This” tab, we will have a complete list for you, so you can see the actual 3 phase, item by item, expense sheet. We want you to be able to watch in real time as the funding comes in and these things are bought and paid for. Your involvement will be in spreading the word of this ground breaking project and supporting with your own funds, and group funds, as you see fit to be an important part of making this Cliffside Vision a reality.

And all this is what we have planned for you, because you truly are… An Internet Audience Worth Having.

Thanks, and may God richly bless you and yours,

Your friendly Internet Supper Dave

PS.  In case you were wondering..

We are also dedicated to building a small but vibrant local church membership to support our ongoing expenses so as to not be in a position of constantly asking for money to continue providing all of this to you. To make that happen, when we’ve moved to our new location, we intend to use a small portion of the funds we receive to start a weekly Cliffside radio broadcast called “Bold Talk” on our local Christian radio station. And, there’s talk of having our own radio station, “Cliffside Radio” (We’ll see if we can get KLIF as our call letters). Not only would it be a local radio station, but we could stream it to you live on this website. Also, our new church location will be set up as a recording studio. Low cost audio and video recording is a much needed service in the Anchorage area, and local people will have a place where they can come into the studio and produce professional recordings; making demos, singles and albums. That’s another revenue stream to fund our expenses. Then… we could… I could go on, but can you see the possibilities?