About Us

Cliffside Community Chapel is a small, informal, family-oriented congregation. Our services are structured like in-depth bible studies rather than formal church services, with people raising their hands now and then to ask questions or make comments. The sermons are sprinkled with personal stories, humor, and thought-provoking statements, all of which serve to keep the services lively and interesting.

Although our group is small, with about 40 adults being the average attendance, it’s comprised of a variety of ages, races, and cultural backgrounds.

Our music is live, and we sing both contemporary and traditional Christian songs.  The musicians are formally trained and enthusiastic, and we always have room for more musical talent.  On some occasions the group will perform special solos or arrangements.

Child care is provided during services. The children stay with the main congregation for hymns and announcements, and then they are dismissed to go to the day care and children’s bible study.

About a year ago we started providing Pastor Steve’s sermons as Internet-based downloads from a couple of sites such as ITunes, SermonAudio.com and PodBean.com.  We’ve been amazed at the response we’re getting around the Internet…every week the number of downloads increases as word of mouth spreads. We’re getting a dedicated audience around the world, including Australia, Africa, China, Canada, Europe, and Japan, not to mention the United States.

We usually have a pot-luck after the service, and people do tend to hang around for quite a while, just conversing and munching.  Visitors are welcome to stop by and ask as many questions as they wish. Pastor Steve makes a special effort to meet new people after the service.

Accolades and Reviews:

“I’ve always thought church had to be boring and tedious…I never thought I could learn so much. I keep coming back because I learn some new and fascinating fact or theory every Sunday.”

“Pastor Steve has been a friend and mentor for many years, and I continue to be amazed at the lengths to which he goes to educate his congregation.”